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Native Remains Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

native-born Remains - Essay ExampleBush, Congress passed the Native American grave Protection and Repatriation Act (Townsend and Nicholas 596 ), also known as NAGPRA. It is a federal law of the USA. Its purpose is to return the remains, artifacts, and all Native Americans sacrosanct objects to Indian tribes. NAGPRA gives Native American tribes the legal authority to reclaim artifacts from federally funded museums, colleges, and all types of institutions. What happens to the artifacts is then up to the tribe (Who should own Native American artifacts?). As a rule, in that respect are advantages as well as disadvantages of NAGPRA.The main achievement of NAGPRA is that it resulted in immediate repatriation of the remains of many tribes ancestors (Townsend and Nicholas 596). According to Riffes video, there is a legal opinion that the spirit does non abandon the body after the death. It means that without proper burial ceremony the soul of a person will not be able to move on. It ca n harm or be harmed by the living (Riffe). Hundreds of Indian remains have been taken home and their descendants have fulfilled their duties. One of the most striking stories is the history of Cheyenne. Defenseless people were not only killed. They were decapitated and their heads shipped back to Washington as incumbrance (Townsend and Nicholas 596). It was a real violation of all human rights. It resulted in a lot of sufferings for the relatives of the murdered Native Americans, who by 1990 have almost lost their hold to assure that their ancestors will find their resting places. The biggest problem was to find all parts of the body, because according to the Indian rules, only the whole body can be buried. Also, sacred artifacts, which were once made by their ancestors, were given back to Native Americans. Such objects are important, sometimes even indispensable, for different kinds of rites or rituals.But the process of go is not as simple as it may seem. NAGPRA

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The play, Everyman Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The accept, Everyman - Research Paper ExampleConsidering the reality of death, the author has portrayed death as someone who calls Everyman, the protagonist of the play to escort God and reply for his deeds. The protagonist asks closinge that he wants some time to get some friends to accompany him in his journey to his destination to meet God. He gets some time, but he realizes that the friends who were dear to him are not ready to accompany him. The author perceives and treats death as a call from God to change people realize what is good for them in life. Everyman as the name suggests represents every man on earth. The play as a whole is a play that portrays Christian values and can be understood as an allegorical or morality play. The play starts with Gods call to Death where he claims that human beings in the world are not following his commandments and are committing sins (Lester, 1981). He asks the Death to find Everyman to answer for his committed deeds. Death works as Gods messenger who brings Gods message to Everyman that he should appear before God to answer for his deeds. God sends for Everyman as he says, ...Go potassium to Everyman, And show him, in my name, A pilgrimage he must on him take, Which he in no wise may escape And that he bring with him a sure reckoning Without delay or tarrying... (Everyman, 1987, 65-71) Death is asked to tell Everyman to conduct a pilgrimage in order to reach God. The sending of Death ensures that Everyman has to leave the world and its belongings in order to reach the court of God. Death also represents the abolition of life and reaches Everyman to inform him of his ending to reach his final destination before God. The representation of death in Everyman is not fearsome, but educative as the figure when comes forth Everyman, he is not frightened at seeing him. However, when he is told that he is going to come before God, he is frightened considering himself alone and secluded. He thinks that he will gain some ones sympathy in his journeying towards God and this sympathy will lead him to have Heaven (Spinrad, 1987). Death comes and informs Everyman, Death In great haste I am sent to thee From God out of his Majesty. Everyman What, sent to me? (Everyman, 1987, 90-92) At hearing a call from God with Death as Gods messenger, Everyman gets frantic considering him incapable to appear before God in his present condition. He calls Death gentle And asks him for some time, in which, he can arrange for some friends to accompany him in his pilgrimage. Everyman says, O wretched caitiff whither shall I flee That I might scape endless sorrow? Now , gentle Death, spare me work tomorrow, That I may amend me With good advisement. (Everyman, 1987, 171-75) He sees no place to escape and seeks mercy from Death. He regards himself extremely sorrowful and distressed not because of appearing of Death, but because of being called by God when he is not ready to appear. As mentioned earlier on, death is portray ed not as fearsome and wretched as it was supposed to appear at that time when the play was written. In medieval times and middle ages, death was portrayed with skeletons or someone with frighten appearance that at once made the observer to tremble (Cawley, 1970). Death in Everyman was portrayed as a messenger of God who was so kind-hearted that he gave some time to Everyman to search for his companions for the journey. Death let everyman to ponder over the differences between right and wrong that assign him the title of

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Summary Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Summary Assignment - Essay ExampleThere are many reasons why the giving medication feels a need to preserve Canadian polish geographic, economic, social, and nationalistic. I feel that these reasons have value and must be considered if Canada is to keep its culture intact. Because of Canadas distinct geographic location, regular Canadians can be influenced by American lines of thought, which intrude on Canadian culture. The Canadian government has the right to feel concerned about how its culture is shaped. The norm used to be that Canadians would total multimedia from Americansradio and television.1 It is important though that the Canadian government takes on the opinions of its people to better understand how to implement productive cultural policies. Historically this has been make through Royal Commissions to better understand the demands of the public.2 These Royal Commissions made recommendations to the government on how to regulate radio broadcasting, arts and sciences, t elevision broadcasting, and newspapers. I think that it is important to maintain a strong Canadian influence in the national media, but outsiders thoughts and opinions must be heard to present a balanced view. The government has found the right balance through policy instruments.

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Discuss the theoretical and practical factors that influence the level Essay

Discuss the theoretical and practical factors that influence the take aim of appurtenance and the maturity structure of debt in boastful qu - Essay ExampleIn this context, borrowing has become a common method of financing for large firms, a fact that has influenced the status of these organizations as investment units. Indeed, large firms with high fiscal obligations, due to borrowing, are likely to be avoided by potential investors. The latter will examine each firms financial characteristics before deciding to invest on a particular firm. Current paper focuses on the examination of two important issues related to the debt in large firms the factors that influence the train of gearing and the maturity structure of debt in large quoted companies are presented and critically discussed. The literature published in the specific subject is used in club to show the various implications of the above issues. It is revealed that the level of gearing and the maturity structure of debt in large quoted firms are likely to be depended on a serial publication of factors which are not standardized. Rather the type and the power of these factors is depended on the characteristics and the rules of the local market, as influenced by the global economic trends. 2. Theoretical and practical factors that influence the level of gearing in large quoted companies Gearing is a term used in order to reflect the proportion of the firms total assets own by long and short term creditors (Chisholm 2002, p.147). In other words, gearing shows the ability of the firm to repay its creditors, even through its assets in case of neediness of cash. In the context of gearing, two are the most important factors that are expected to influence the ability of the firm to pay its creditors the level of debt and the companys assets. In modern firms, the level of gearing seems to be differentiated in accordance with the size of the firms. The above phenomenon can be explained as follows in crushed firms, borrowing is the most common form of financing aiming to avoid offering part of the firms management in order to be financed. In this context, miniscule firms are expected to have high level of gearing. In large quoted firms, where there is no problem with giving part of the firms equity to third persons (the investors) for securing the necessary financing, the level of gearing is low (Walton 2000). There is also the opposite view. More specifically, Atrill et al. (2008, p.231) notes that large quoted firms are expected to have high gearing compared to the small firms. The above view is based on a report of the Bank of England regarding the financing of small businesses (Atrill et al. 2008, p.231). This report reveals that the level of borrowing of small firms is lower compared to that of the large firms, probably because the financing needs of large firms in the particular market cannot be covered by the capital of the shareholders (Atrill et al. 2008). Under these terms, the level of gearing in small and large firms cannot be considered as standardized. Rather, it would be depended on the conditions and the characteristics of the local market in the context of which the borrowing schemes available to the large firms may be more attractive compared to those offered to small firms, a fact that would minimize the level of gearing in small firms and maximize the level of gearing in large firms. In accordance with Chisholm (2002), normally, the level of debt of firms is lower from their equity

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Germany's Holocaust Memorial Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Germanys Holocaust Memorial - Essay ExampleThen there ar those who argue that the point is not Jewish enough, since it lacks obvious Jewish religious symbols (Eisenman, 2006).An advantage for having the information center within the site is to harmonize, the concept of the memorial site with individual documentation concerning the Holocaust victims and their families. Hence, visitors do not just get to express their somberness, but they get to learn more about these victims and understand how regular they were through their biographical details. Furthermore, the information center assists in the broader documentation and education of universal concerns of genocide. The downsize of the information center is that, it can be perceived as presenting a new thought of memory, discrete from nostalgia, more of a public relation gimmick.The US does not have a permanent national memorial for victims of slavery, and the genocide of American Native Indians. Currently, the proposed museum for slavery has stalled entirely, while the native Indians have the national museum of American Indians at the national mall (National Mall,

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Scientific Research Skills - Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Scientific Research Skills - Project - Essay Example amicable media has immensely influenced individuals and their behaviors. The recent researchers claim that the excessive social media is becoming a major issue and leading to addictive behaviors and negative impacts on cognitive emergence and mental health among adult and children. OKeeffe and Pearson in their study analyze the impacts of social media on individuals. The main objective of the research is to determine the impacts of social media on mental health of individuals. The findings of the research show that the excessive use of social media is leading to unhealthy and addictive behaviors among individuals, such as sexing, alcohol, pornography etc. In addition, the findings show that excessive use of social media is casting negative impacts on the cognitive development and academic performance of individual (OKeeffe & Pearson, 2011). In the similar fashion, Kuss & Griffith (2011) in their study cliam that the use of excessi ve social networking (facebook) is leading to negative impact on the academic performance of individuals as well as leading to sorting of activities that have potential addictive behavior (Kuss & Griffiths, 2011). Some of the researcher claims that the media content on the social websites is creating anxiety among individuals as social media portray a diametrical aspect of the live. Fischer et al (2011) in the study determine quantity of media contents that is leading to risk-taking behaviors among individuals, such as extreme sports, violence and drinking. In order to life the study quantities research approach. Meta analysis was connected to determine the intercourseship between the media contents and its impact on individual behaviors. The findings of the study highlights that there is strong relation between media content and risk taking behaviors of individuals (Fischer, Greitemeyer, Kastenmller, Vogrincic, & Sauer, 2011). Villanti et al (2011) in the study focuses on

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What motivational factors facilitate or hinder student performance in Essay

What motivational factors facilitate or hinder student performance in the process of EFL learning - Essay ExampleThe importance of the topic on determining diverse motivational factors that influence academic learning in the EFL environment is to enable educators to apply best practices in contemporary setting. Most of the studies encountered declare the importance of motivation in Second Language Acquisition (SLA). Some studies discussed and proposed different motivational approaches, ranging from group processes (group norms and cohesiveness) focusing on the teachers instructional style and the educators dexterity to creatively provide examples that are vivid and acclimatized to local settings and also instructional interventions applied by educators in conjunction with self-regulating strategies applied by learners. in that respect are studies that aimed to determine the effectiveness of the motivational strategies in enhancing the academic performance and understanding of ESL students. One would like to determine if these factors were effectively used by teachers in designing motivational strategies. If so, were performance evaluation or monitoring measures been implemented to gauge the effectiveness of these strategies in creating a conducing learning environment for ESL learners. The articles reviewed were published indoors the move s regular(a) years where one study, Chen, Warden, & Chang was the oldest, published in 2005 followed by Lambs article which was published in 2007 Guilloteaux & Dornyei in 2008 and finally, two articles that were cover in the review were published in 2010 Chang and Wong.... C. Goal of the Review The overall goal of the review, therefore, is to add new factors that have been deemed instrumental in motivating ESL learners to present enhanced performance within contemporary setting. From the authoritative sources that have been evaluated, one recognized the value of incorporating culture, or specifically birthplace differenc es (Wong, 2010) acclimatizing examples used to local settings (Lamb, 2007) and even differentiating three distinct motivation orientations (instrumental, required, and integrative) where integration may not be a significant factor in motivating language learning hunting expedition (Chen, Warden, & Chang, 2005, p. 622) within the Chinese cultural context. With increased universality of recognizing diversity in culture and in emphasizing the need to integrate factors that have been proven to be motivating and improving the learning environment, the current literature review would present these findings for future applicability. II. Method Section A. Years Covered The articles reviewed were published within the last seven years where one study, Chen, Warden, & Chang was the oldest, published in 2005 followed by Lambs article which was published in 2007 Guilloteaux & Dornyei in 2008 and finally, two articles that were covered in the review were published in 2010 Chang and Wong. B. Prel iminary Sources Used to Locate the Studies These sources were all searched from the TESOL Quarterly (four articles) and TESOL Journal (one article). The TESOL Quarterly is explicitly described as a refereed maestro journal, fosters inquiry into English language teaching and learning by providing a forum for TESOL professionals to share their research